Perlite Lightweight Site Mixed Technical Properties Concrete

Site Mixed LW Concrete

Perlite Lightweight Concrete can be mixed on-site using special manufactured pumps mix and convey Perlite LW Concrete as per project requirements. This Method of Statement has been used all across the GCC as well as specialized LNG Projects in Europe and our Technical Department has successfully delivered Perlite LW Insulating Concrete to an LNG Tank Project.

Our Technical Team inspects the site and optimizes the location of the pump and provides the most optimum the mix to take into consideration the height, distance, productivity. This aims to ensure the yield is as per design and the technical parameters of our Perlite Lightweight Concrete is as per specifications. Our aim is to offer a Value Added Solution to each project.

Gulf Perlite Pump is installed on-site with all materials available in close proximity:

Mixing of Perlite Lightweight Concrete as per the Mix Design provided by GP Technical Team:

Conveying and Casting of Perlite Lightweight Concrete:

Casting of Perlite LW Concrete:

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