Perlite Lightweight Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed LW Concrete

Gulf Perlite works with a range of Certified and Approved Ready-mixers in the GCC and beyond. Our Technical team provides custom-designed and optimized Lightweight Concrete mixes as per project requirements and specifications and ensures our Ready-mix clients deliver as per our standards.

All our Ready-mix clients are certified and approved by our team of Engineers who are working round-the-clock to offer continuous support to our end client and Ready-mix partners.

Batching of Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete as per our Mix Design:

Delivery of Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete to Site and Quality Control Checks:
Quality Control Procedure on Site (Checking Wet Density, Slump and Temperature):
Delivery on-site using Crane and Bucket (Recommended for Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete densities below 1,000 Kg/m³):
Casting Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete on-site as per GP Method of Statement:

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