Perlite Lightweight Concrete

Perlite Lightweight Concrete

Perlite Lightweight Concrete is a mixture of OPC, Gulf Perlite Construct, Crushed Sand (0-5 mm) and our ADMIX to produce Lightweight Concrete from a Density range of 400 kg/m³ up to 2,000 kg/m³.

Perlite Lightweight Concrete offers the following benefits:

  • Density less than 2,000 Kg/m3 (125 lb./ft3)
  • Reduces dead-loads and seismic forces on the structure
  • Provided thermal insulation at densities less than 800 Kg/m3 (50 lb./ft3)
  • Multi-functional: replaces more than one building materials (e.g. Polystyrene, Sloped-to-drain Screed)
  • Incorporated in Sustainable, LEED compliant building systems
  • Offers natural insulation replacing combustible chemicals

The density range that can be achieved with Perlite Lightweight Concrete is in the range between 320 – 2,000 Kg / m³ (20 – 125 lb./ft³)

Abu Dhabi Airport: Perlite LW Concrete Replaced Foam Concrete + EPS
Perlite Concrete Density: 540 Kg / m³ (33 lb./ft³)
Masdar Institute – LW Floor Screed
Perlite Concrete Density: 1,650 Kg / m³ (103 lb/ft³)

Perlite lightweight concrete can achieve compressive strength ranging from 0.5 – 35 MPa (N/mm2) or 72 – 5,000 PSI

Viceroy Hotel – Lightweight Floor Screeds
Density: 1,800 Kg / m³ (112 lb./ft³)
Strength: 30 MPa (4,350 PSI)
Khalifa Stadium – Lightweight Screeds
Density: 1,680 Kg / m³ (105 lb./ft³)
Strength: 25 MPa (3,625 PSI)

Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete with a density of less than 800 kg/m³ (50 lb./ft3) offers extremely low K-values (as low as 0.08 W/mK) which can be considered in the overall build-up U-Value (Thermal Transmittance)

  • Our Database of 250 test reports from accredited laboratories demonstrate that Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete at densities less than 800 kg/m³ offer consistent and low thermal conductivity values
  • U value achieved as low as 0.12 W/m2K, depending on thickness
  • Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete offers consistent thermal insulation which lasts-for-a-lifetime and does not degrade over time

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