Perlite Extraction Services

Perlite Extraction Services

Gulf Perlite can assist clients across the globe by testing the performance of in-situ Cryogenic Perlite using our specialized equipment as per the below tests offered below:

1  Inspection of Perlite Level on all Perlite filling Nozzle or thru upper manhole,
2  Collection of Perlite samples from filling nozzles or equipment,
3  Testing of collected samples at our Certified GP Lab in Dubai for the following:

  • Loose density
  • Compacted density
  • Particle analysis
  • Moisture content
  • Organic material content
  • Thermal Conductivity Test

4  Depending on the test results, Gulf Perlite will advise client accordingly, whether that is to extract “waste” Perlite our simply “top-up”, our Engineering department will advise accordingly.

Allow us to remove “waste” Perlite as per international standards and practices using our proprietary equipment. “waste” Perlite could adversely affect the insulation performance of Cryogenic equipment, which will inevitably lead to improper insulation and result in a cascade of negative performance related issues.

Checking of Perlite Installation Levels

Extraction of “Waste” Perlite using our specialized equipment

Please contact us for any clarification.

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