Perlite Landscaping Applications


Landscaping application

  • Hydroturf Perlite (1-2 mm) has a proven Water Holding Capacity of 800% and is used a Soil Moisture Retention Additive with a proven and internationally accepted benefit of reducing irrigation water by 50% for all plant types. Our extensive studies at ICBA demonstrated the benefit of using Hydroturf Perlite to reduce irrigation by 50%, you may contact us for the supporting document. Additional studies are being conducted with our PI (Perlite Institute) colleagues across the globe: U.S., Spain and Middle East.
  • Horticultural Perlite (2-6 mm) with a density of 80 kg/m³ is used as a natural additive to reduce Soil Mix Weight by up to 1/3rd of the weight as well as promoting Plantation Growth (the many benefits of Perlite is listed below) and reducing irrigation requirement by 50% for all plant types. This has a real benefit for podiums, and structures for load restrictions and we can assist you with the structural calculations if you send us the section drawings.
  • Back-Fill Perlite (0-3 mm) is used as a Natural, Lightweight Backfill to replace of Polystyrene blocks with approx. half the cost & faster installation cycle.

Horticultural Perlite

Horticultural Perlite (2-6 mm) Perlite is used extensively worldwide for elevated/structural landscaping to reduce the weight. Perlite provides aeration, water retention and prevents soil compaction. Due to its Inorganic nature, it does not decay or decompose (similar to sand) and remains in the soil for a minimum period of 20-30 years.

Hydroturf Perlite

Hydroturf Perlite (1-2 mm) is superior in results and extremely cost effective versus other imported water saving soil additives, with double proven efficiency ( 800% WHC due its porous surface area ) and permanent durability (One-time application, will not decay or decompose as the composition of Perlite is of volcanic nature) which will guarantee 50% water irrigation reduction.

Back-Fill Perlite

Back-Fill Perlite is an ideal void former beneath soil to reduce overall structural load and promote root growth over time, the application is straight-forward, our Back-Fill Perlite bags are installed in loose form and the soil is applied on-top. Our Back-Fill Perlite solution is cost effective versus Polystyrene and other void formers and also promotes plantation growth and does not decompose over time (Polystyrene is known to decay over time and adversely affect plant growth).

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