Benefits of Horticultural Perlite


Horticultural Perlite is a 100% natural mineral, designed as physical soil enhancer & the ultimate growing medium for Horticultural applications:

Each particle of perlite is comprised of tiny closed air cells or bubbles. The surface of each particle is covered with tiny cavities which provide an extremely large surface area. These surface cavities trap moisture and make it available to plant roots. In addition, because of the physical shape of each particle or perlite, air passages are formed in the growing media thereby providing excellent aeration. Fertilizer appropriate to the plants being grown should be added. Horticultural perlite is available in several different grades. The coarse sand size has been used for many general gardening and horticultural applications, but the finer grades work best when used outdoors.

Perlite is hydrophilic by nature, but does not absorb moisture like a sponge. Instead, it attracts and holds moisture in three distinct ways: 1) in between individual grains, 2) in channels leading to the core of large particles, 3) on its rough surface. 

Gradation Affects Capacity

Just like fine, clay-rich soils tend to hold more moisture than coarser sandy soils, different grain sizes (gradations) of perlite hold varying amounts of moisture. Fine particles have more surface area per volume which contributes to more water-holding capacity. Small particles also pack together more closely, which lowers overall porosity, or the ability to drain easily. What this means is that by blending various different sizes of perlite, we can achieve varying levels of moisture-holding capacity.

Horticultural Perlite has many benefits such as:

  • Absorbs high volume of irrigation water due to its high-water absorption capacity (Wâ‚‚â‚„=500- 900%) which results in direct saving water and energy reduction
  • Maintains a source of moisture near the root of the growing plants allowing water availability to the root system, even in extremely arid conditions
  • Provides optimal aeration to the root system due to its 95% porosity
  • Acts as a catalyst – fertilizer carrier, adsorbing and gradually releasing nutrients
  • Horticultural Perlite is a fully natural, inorganic mineral and does not require re-application, we offer an ever-lasting, immediate and sustainable solution.

Gulf Perlite promotes “greener” and a more “sustainable” environment, reducing the use of irrigation water to plants is one way in which we give back to our environment, our specially produced Horticultural Perlite acts as a natural mineral which reduces the volume of water consumed to maintain the growth of our landscaping features.”

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