Gulf Perlite Insulating Plaster

Gulf Perlite Insulating Plaster

Gulf Perlite LLC is a manufacture of Gulf Perlite Insulating Plaster which is a Dubai Municipality, Masdar Institute, Emaar, EWA & Ministry of Works-approved thermal insulating render (with certified K-Value = 0.08 W/mK) applicable on the internal and external surfaces, contributing to meet and exceed the required U-Value with an application thickness up to 30 mm in a single phase. We have supported and delivered over-5,000 villas and numerous Emaar Projects such as the Fujairah Address Resort. Gulf Perlite Plaster is manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art production facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai, we export to over 15 countries serving the entire Arabian Gulf reliably and immediately.

Gulf Perlite Plaster is applied in two ways:

1. Manual application: utilizing standard site equipment; concrete mixer, plaster tools, loader
2. Mechanical application: increased mixing and pumping productivity by using a specialized Gulf Perlite RS Pump to optimize application rates.

Gulf Perlite Insulating Plaster offers the following benefits:

  • Thermally Insulation & DM/EWA APPROVED, K=0.08 W/mK: Multiple times higher insulation versus ordinary sand plaster, substantially reducing building envelope’s U factor,
  • Lightweight: Weights 60% less versus ordinary plasters, reducing the building dead loads, optimizing structural elements dimensioning and costing,
  • Acoustic Insulating:Reduces sound transmission through partitions,
  • Fire Resistant up to 5-hours / Non-Combustible:Certified by U.L. laboratories, USA,
  • Vapor Diffusion.Absorbs water vapor up to 1Kg/m² for 1cm width and is ideal to apply in wet areas, indoor swimming pools, gyms, bathrooms, laundries, etc.,
  • Single-Phase application up to 30 mm thick, smooth and crack-free surface, and
  • Sustainable Gulf Perlite Plaster is a 100 % natural, durable, sustainable, neutral (pH=7) siliceous volcanic glass mineral, non-combustible (Class A1 / DIN), chemically inert and healthy.

Gulf Perlite Insulating Plaster Technical Properties :




Wet Density

800 ± 100 Kg/m³

ASTM C 138

Compressive Strength

2.5 ± 0.5 N/mm²

ASTM C 579

Flexural Strength

1.4 ± 0.5 N/mm²

ASTM C 580

Thermal Conductivity

0.08 ± 0.005

ASTM C 518

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