Cryogenic Perlite Inspection & Live Top-ups

Cryogenic : Live Top-ups

Gulf Perlite specializes in Cryogenic applications with proprietary equipment and know-how to inspect, top-up and re-fill cryogenic tanks, ASUs and equipment with premium quality expanded Cryogenic Perlite.

The Process:

Gulf Perlite LLC carries out a comprehensive step by step process to:

  • Ascertain the level of Perlite inside the tank,
  • Estimate the approximate volume of Perlite required for topping up of the tank, and
  • Preliminary inspection to determine existing Perlite Levels in the tanks including a detailed study of the Tank drawings, review of thermography images, executing level survey and dip measurement test of the existing levels.

Cryogenic Tanks are double walled tanks with the annular space filled with expanded Cryogenic-Grade Perlite as insulation material. Over the years, some tanks experience formation of voids, as the perlite settles, which results in the appearance of cold spots on the surface of the outer tank.

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