Perlite Cryogenic Insulation Applications

Cryogenic Insulation

Gulf Perlite LLC specializes in Perlite-based Cryogenic Industrial Insulation applications and services, which can be divided into three application categories:

Cryogenic Grade Perlite Insulation (either supplied thru our state-of-the-art production facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai or manufactured on-site using our fleet of brand new mobile expanders):

  • Our expert cryogenic department offers full service cryogenic insulation solutions and has successfully delivered our premium cryogenic grade perlite to clients such as ADNOC, SADARA, SABIC, EIGC, LINDE, AIR LIQUIDE, Shell, and many more… with a proven track record and zero accidents in the last ten years, our crews have served over 15 countries and boasts a combined experience of over 60 years exceeding over 1M m³ of Perlite installations. For large projects (generally exceeding 2,000 m³) we use one of our brand-new portable perlite expanders to offer a cost-effective, reliable and proven Cryogenic Grade Perlite Installation.
  • Using our proprietary equipment and technical know-how we can support our clients reliably for Perlite live-top-up solutions and on-shore (Supply of >95% water repellent Cryogenic Grade Perlite) & off-shore extraction (even in the harshest conditions we can serve our clients) and re-filling services.

Perlite Lightweight Concrete applications for Cryogenic Tanks (LNG/LPG/Ethane/Ammonia):

  • Perlite Lightweight Insulating Concrete is a lightweight, thermal insulating, non-combustible, one-phase, sustainable, cost-effective & time-saving mortar cast-in-situ via specialized mobile mixers and can be applied on the LNG/LPG/Ethane/Ethylene/Ammonia Tank Ring Beam or Roof (beneath waterproofing) to provide a sacrificial insulation layer on the top surface of the roof. Such a layer would reduce, or preclude, damage to the structure, even under non-uniform fire loading, and would be replaceable after the fire. The Perlite Lightweight Insulating concrete would be continuously reinforced at mid-depth with a steel mesh, which would help maintain the integrity of the concrete and would support casting at high slopes, like at tank roofs.

Gulf Perlite Concrete Blocks (PCBs) are lightweight, insulating blockworks engineered for bottom ring beams of double-wall cryogenic tanks.

  • Gulf Perlite PCBs provide excellent thermal insulation and structural support against static and dynamic loads. Gulf Perlite PCBs are manufactured from a mix of Gulf Perlite Construct LW aggregate, Portland cement, and special admixtures; and is reinforced with special steel bars and lifting hooks. Gulf Perlite PCBs are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai under stringent quality standards for achieving strength, thermal properties and dimensional tolerances. The blocks then are installed on a leveling perlite concrete layer that is placed or poured above the bottom plate.

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